Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My nine-year-old wants to have body piercing!

Help! My nine-year-old IC wants to have her body pierced!

Where did she get the idea? I don't have any clue.

We were having lunch, and as usual, the girls were taking turns telling us about their school day.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, IC said, 'I have decided I want to have body piercing.'

She continued, 'I think I'll have it in my tummy, or maybe in my tongue. What do you think?'

Huh? All three of us, my husband, her sister, and I turned to look at her in silence. IC's reaction? 'Why are you looking like that?'

Yeah, why? As if it's normal to hear those words coming from a nine-year-old girl!

I focused on having her tongue pierced.

So, you want to have your tongue-pierced? Let's see, I need to think fast.

And I asked her, 'What are we eating right at this moment?'

IC answered, 'My favorite: baked pork-chop with rice and salad.'

'Do you think you could still eat such things once you have your tongue-pierced?' I questioned her.

She looked at me and shrugged, 'I guess I have to think about it longer.'

I am sure this would not be the end of the discussion about body piercing but at least this time, reason (and food) won :-)

P.S. Both girls have had their ears pierced when they were a year old and that's enough about piercing for now.

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