Thursday, May 23, 2013

The family that paints together...

It's a school break. We have plans, lots of them. Mostly included enjoying the outdoors.

But no chance. The weather forecast: cloudy, rainy, cold. We decided to paint the girls' rooms.

We went to buy the 'right' paints. It was not easy. IC knows what she wants for her room. We argued a bit, showing her alternative paints that are more affordable than her first choices. After giving in to a short tantrum, she finally agreed to go for the cheaper paints.

Whew, I am glad because I wanted this to be over as we have been planning to paint their rooms since 2011!

IC painting her room
The girls woke up early, ready to work. While I prepared breakfast, the girls and their Papa got their rooms ready: moving furnitures, removing any hanging/tacked objects, taking items out of the way before taping and covering the floor with newspapers.

MC painting her room
After breakfast, we worked together. Painting, painting, painting...

The family that paints together,
Gets painted all over!

Here's the evidence :-)

IC after a few hours
IC ended up having violet and orange paints all over. At first she was irritated, but in the end, she accepted her colored 'faith.' In fact, she asked me, 'Mama, how much would I earn if I decide to be a 'painter' when I grow up?'

I told her I am not sure, but that if she would work hard enough, she'll definitely earn something.

MC looks cleaner because she went for light blue :-)
MC's room took longer because she decided to take a snack break. Something that IC didn't want to do because she was really enjoying the job. And because, she was planning a complicated mix of colors in her room.

Anyway, I won't miss telling you about our pet, Rikki. She was all over both rooms, she ended up splashed with colors.

Rikki ended up carrying all colors :-)
I repeat, the family that paints together, gets painted all over!

It was a great bonding time.

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