Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hiking at Dilsberg Town and Castle in Photos

The girls have a two week school break and we have plans, lots of plans. We didn't count on the weather not cooperating though.

Good thing the sun shined last Thursday, when Germany was celebrating Corpus Christi. We decided to go for a hike and a mini picnic. With our backpacks filled with snacks and drinks and whatever items deemed necessary especially for our dog, we seized the day and drove to Dilsberg castle and town on a mountain over the River Neckar in Neckargem√ľnd.

Welcome to Dilsberg
MC was telling IC that the area in those three windows under the clock were the rooms used by the boys when they stayed there for a few days last year during a school outing.
The youth hostel is located at the right side

The old gate 
The narrow streets, sorrounded by small, narrow houses
Rikki can't resist the refreshing water from the street fountain
The Catholic Church just finished celebrating mass and was holding a bake sale in the church grounds
There's a corner in the church where you could get books for a small donation.
The girls lighting candles near the altar.
After the Corpus Christi celebration in front of the church's entrance.
The Protestant Church located near Dilsberg Castle's garden.
The fire brigade's house in front of Dilsberg Castle's entrance
Dilsberg Castle taken from the wall outside
Dilsberg Castle near the festival area 
The view from the castle's tower
The church 
IC touring the castle's ring wall
The castle's tower
MC filming from up there

Explosing the castle's garden
The real hike begins

It was slippery and wet

But we found the old water reservoir which is now being used as an event area.

Back to the castle grounds, cutting our hike short because it was too muddy and too slippery,
making MC upset and making IC happy.

Break time, picnic time.

Chocolatier in the small town

Souvenir Shop

Toured the town and was done in a few minutes (what, that short? said IC)

Going back to our car

Driving back home

Passing by the old Bridge in Heidelberg, along Neckar River

Stopped for ice cream

The water park in front of the ice cream shop

Rikki takes a dip in the Neckar River before we finally head home.

This photo is taken from Dilsberg Castle's tower and from there, the Neckar River could be seen, too.

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