Monday, June 24, 2013

First Harvest 2013

We really thought we would not be harvesting anything this year. It was too wet and the snails have mostly taken over. My husband was very frustrated. Imagine, hours of hardwork and cash (we had to buy some seeds and some plants), all gone!

But then, the sun shined. And my husband decided to harvest what survived, the mini radish.

The first harvest, radish.
The radish was followed by the cherries, coming from one of our four cherry trees. They were picked by the girls, who enjoyed their tree climbing expeditions.

Freshly-picked cherries

Of course, the girls are up on the trees this time.

Then came the big flood, which again affected greatly our harvest. The photo above was taken along the River Rhein in Worms.

The strawberries are coming.

Fewer cherries and some strawberries were harvested a few days after the big flood.
A few weeks after the big flood and after a short heat wave, the strawberries  were aplenty
and  there were spinach and rucola, too.
I am happy that our herbs and spices corner thrived, despite the rain. I have started drying them, just in case.

The tomatoes are growing, and I could still see the red beets trying to survive, together with the chard (mangold). The paprika, chinese cabbage, and pepperoni were mostly eaten by the snakes, the peas and beans might just survive but the radish have given up, as well as the zucchini, cucumber, etc.

And we can't wait to harvest from the fruit trees!

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