Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kids' Day at the Local Country Fair

It's been six years since we started celebrating our traditional kids' day. What is our kids' day? It means the girls would have the 'honor' of choosing of what we would do during the first Sunday of the month. Now, this does not mean that the girls would be deprived of their favorite activities the rest of the month, but, you know, declaring that day as a special day for them; and naming it for them, made that day you know, extra sweet.

In fact, most of their friends who heard about our kids' day have begged their parents to have one, but I have yet to hear of one family who agreed to declare a kids' day. So yes, my girls are very proud to have a kids' day, aren't we such good parents? :-D

Now, the girls choose the activity during kids' day and you would be surprised because not all of them includes going out, in fact, there are times we would spend it at home, baking, etc. Though admittedly, we do spend most times checking out country fairs and festivals. That's why it's really fun going back to old posts because now, they have moved on to other exciting rides (except their food selection remains the same: cotton candy, french fries, etc.)

This time, a friend of MC came with us. Because the girls are supposed to be old enough and it is kids' day after all, we told them they could go around the festival grounds alone, we would be sure to find them. Actually, that's the reason why we asked them to wear bright colored shirts, too.

The girls rode this water rollercoaster with their Papa last year.
They enjoyed the ride but MC hurt herself  during the deep plunge so she avoided it this year.

Yes, that's the cotton candy shop!

Never-ending sweets, my favorite is the sugar-coated almonds though.

We skipped the giant wheel behind the curry wurst booth because  it's just a waste of money, said the girls.

The tower, a new attraction, that includes a bar and of course, the amazing view from up there.

MC's first time to ride this loops, and she bravely took it with her friend.
What, you don't need  me to hold your hands anymore?

We always arrive during opening hours because we wanted to enjoy the  rides and the  treats without wasting our time waiting when there are long lines. 

Yes, the most important part of the fair, currywurst and giant french fries!

How about a 'healthy' treat with a kick? Fruits covered with chocolates :-)

Games, games, games... and the colorful prizes.
We used to spend money and time  in front of these booths but the girls have learned to  spend their money wisely. It's cheaper to buy those stuff toys in the stores, right, Mama?

Another healthy alternative, vegetable chips. Haven't tried it yet.

We revisited the ghost castle, MC's second time and IC's first time.  Should I say IC took every  ghostly corners with  elan. Plus, when the ghost car passed the open balcony on the second floor, she made sure she was looking as relaxed as possible.

As for me, I finally got to taste this potato tornado. I have been seeing this thing since last year but there's always a long line. This year, there were two stands, so I grabbed a stick.

I asked for a cheese flavor and it was delicious! The one person before me went for a barbecue flavored tornado,  it was barbecue sauce and looked a bit messy to eat, but the smell was great.

The food pavillion which I have been wanting to visit because of the Asian specialties but I already got my potato tornado in the hand, maybe next year.

The girls was intrigued by my tornado, they wanted to  try it, too. But of course, they settled for their usual french fries, cotton candies, churos, and ice cream.

Always present, the balloon game.

The pirate's corner, no cars but you have to walk through the two-storey attraction.
The girls went in and they enjoyed it.

Marilyn Monroe rocked the roller coaster. MC's scream could be heard despite the already filling fair area. Afterwards she said, I was not expecting that highs and lows. Well, I told her, don't worry, the people are also not expecting your screams :-)
There she goes, with her friend. A real trooper, my girl. Brave and loud!

That's my sky jumper, IC. She loves bouncing but was afraid to  experiment on her moves. Maybe next year, Mama.

Love the churos.

The funny house, where everything unexpected and funny happens.

The girls could be heard giggling through the loud speaker.

This was out last stop because as you can see, the lines have started to appear.

But before that, the girls have to walk through a dancing fountain passage before they could find the exit.
They were not able to pass without being wet, of course. And that's the fun of it.

Let's go. It was another fun kids' day!

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