Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Rikki!

The birthday dog
Mama, you know what, my friend said they don't celebrate the birthday of their dog. Why do we celebrate Rikki's birthday? That was IC during this morning's walk to school.

I told her we celebrate Rikki's birthday because it's fun. That simple.

Now IC wants to invite her friend's dog for Rikki's birthday party. Now, that would be chaos :-)
And now, she's two!
Not a puppy anymore.
That's Rikki on the day we have decided to bring her home.
Inside our car, going home.
A few weeks later, we had to sell the old car to buy a bigger one because Rikki  needed more space :)
Rikki's first birthday, bigger and better and prettier :-)

Second birthday, lovelier and much loved.
Rikki waited long enough for her birthday treat, time to enjoy !
No more :-)
Aside from needing a new car, our lifestyle had changed for the better after welcoming a dog in our hearts and our home.

Now we get to move daily no matter the weather.
Now we get more time outdoors.
Now we get to clean/dust/vacuum almost everyday.
Now tolerate finding dog hairs all over.
Now, our plans need always to consider your convenience.
Now we enjoy wet kisses and even asks for more.
Now we look for restaurants, hotels, parks, leisure parks, etc. that allows dogs.
Now we always have dog treats and water bowl/bottle everytime we leave the house.
Now we find mud tracks even after a few seconds after mopping the floor dry.
Now we get early morning doggie licks, earlier than our alarm clocks.
Now we get you to work on some tricks, that's always fun!
Now there are more work, but there are more love, too. And those wet kisses :-)

Happy 2nd Birthday, dear Rikki!

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