Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy, Happy!

Happy Father's Day, Tatay and Happy Birthday, Nanay!

Happy Father's Day (Germany celebrated Father's Day  last month) to my dearest Tatay.
He who built a business from scratch.
He who gave up his dream of going abroad to start a family.
He who fell in love with our seamstress mother and decided to stay and maintain the business together.
He who joined politics (barangay level), who became the oldest candidate during the last election. (He didn't win, but hey, it's how he fought that matters.)
He who jogged regularly to loose weight, loose his tummy and regulate his sugar level.
He who declared being happy is more important than money.
He who has a strong faith.
He who loves sweets.
He who loves us.
Happy Father's Day, Tatay!

Happy  Birthday, dear Nanay!
She who turned a year older today.
She who became Tatay's business partner and home partner.
She who cooked meals while making sure that she finished sewing polo shirts for customers in time.
She who dressed us up in partner look, mostly using textile scraps.
She who travelled an hour to bring us freshly cooked food during school lunch breaks.
She who would declare she is already full whenever one of her kids would want to have her piece of cake.
She who sends girlie things that makes my girls crazy.
She who sends my girls rosaries that started them in collecting those holy objects and using them as lucky charms during school tests.
She who has a strong faith.
She who loves sweets (but not as much as Tatay).
She who loves us.
Happy Birthday, dear Nanay!

We really wish we could be there to celebrate this day with both of you.
But since we are too far away,
These words are our gifts to both of you.
You both are the best.
We love you the best, too.

P.S. Not to be forgotten, my mother's two sisters (they are 11 siblings in all), are also born June 16. Tyang Demet, who used to sell delicious assortment of bananas and those comics and drama magazines, is now celebrating Up There while Tyang Soling (Aunt Connie) , who my girls love because of her magical ability to sew girlie dresses and doll dresses, the last time I heard is now back in the province overseeing a farm. Happy Birthday Tyang Demet and Tyang Soling. We love you, too!

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