Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy 76th Birthday, Tatay!

Tatay is now 76 years old!
My father is now 76 years old.

His white hair showed just how good looking he is, right?

He's still got a little beer belly, but you know what?
I am proud to let you know that he worked to loose his beer belly.
He used to jog regularly, until he reached his ideal weight!

Here's something that he can't resist...sweets!
His got a sweet tooth!
He would even 'fight' with his apos (grandchildren) for the last chocolate piece!

And that relationship with his apos defines him, too.
He is fun. He jokes around.

But when everything should be taken seriously, then everything is serious.
Though he can't leave it just like that without cracking a joke to ease the tension.

My father taught us to face life positively.
He always tell us: We don't have everything but as long as we are happy, then that would be our everything!

We really wish we could be there to celebrate with you, to join the 'fight' for that last piece of chocolate...

Happy birthday, dear Tatay! We love you!

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