Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How I Told My Girls About the Death of Finn Hudson

Image from AP/Fox

My girls are GLEE fans. They love Rachel and Finn. They love Puck and Quinn and Sam. Okay, they love the whole cast of GLEE.

Therefore when I heard early Sunday morning over the radio that Cory Monteith, that adorable Finn Hudson in GLEE, was found dead in his hotel room, I decided to turn-off the radio because I wanted the girls to hear the news from me.

Not that they would be hysterical, I just want to personally inform them about Finn's death. They know him as Finn, they don't even know his real name!

When I heard movements in MC's bedroom, I knocked and approached her, looking into her eyes before telling her, "MC, do you remember Finn from GLEE?" After her nod, I told her that Finn is dead, mentioning the news. She slowly nodded and said she'll be down soon. But before I left, she asked me again if it's true. I simply nodded.

I then went to IC's bedroom, cuddled with her in bed, before telling her about Finn. She looked at me and gave me a tight hug before letting me go.

That was that. I believe that such news should be delivered directly, face-to-face. Just in case there are questions, just in case there are tears. I believe that my girls appreciated what I did.

Later that day, MC told me that a classmate of her burst into tears after someone casually informed her about Finn's death. That classmate was almost inconsolable.

MC said, "Mama, I didn't know that she likes Finn, too. If I did, I would have approached her just like you did to us at home."

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