Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY: No-Sew Loot Bags using an Old Pillow Case

It was a last minute decision to invite IC's former classmates and good friends to finally celebrate her birthday with them with a swimming pool party. Last minute, because the weather forecast that week was really hot!!
A loot bag from an old pillow case

That Monday, I managed to coordinate with all the participating girls' moms and scheduled the party on a Wednesday afternoon.

Now that means I only have two days to organize a swimming party for five girls. Yay! No chance to go to the grocery store to shop, too, because my husband have meetings planned from Monday to Wednesday! Another yay!

No matter. I have all the ingredients to create a chocolate cake, we could pick fruits in our garden for munchies, and the girls requested a simple pizza for dinner. Then we have enough assorted drinks, but what about the loot bags?

Good thing I have an old pillow case that I have been wanting to experiment with. That pillow case turned out to be the best loot bags, ever. I know because the girls told me so :-)

So, here's how to create a no-sew loot bag using an old pillow case. It's real easy. It took me 15-minutes per bag only.

Materials needed:

old pillow case
some cloth scraps
a pair of scissors
a ruler
a pencil
some decors (optional)

Let's do it!

Fold the pillow case, right side, and cut, depending on how big you want your the loot bag to be. 

Measure and mark both sides of the cloth, at least three inches. 

Then cut start cutting both sides, at least an inch, until you reach the flap of the bag.
Flaps are optional.

Tie the strips together

Fold the flap and create the bag strap. I used a stretched scrap of leggings.

I attached the strap by tying both ends with the bag's strip edges.

Simply add some decors and you have your no-sew loot bags! 

I placed no-sew headband in the loot bags because girls love them, too.

P.S. We have an inflatable pool in the garden, deep enough to call the party a swimming pool party :-)

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