Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Review: Campingplatz auf dem Simpel in Soltau

the girls enjoy the Go-cart rental at the camping grounds
It was a three-day camping break for our family. It's supposed to be a surprise for the girls, too -- a reward for their good grades.

There were enough camping grounds to choose from in Soltau but we landed at Campingplatz auf dem Simpel. Why? Because it's just a few minutes walk from a theme park that we wanted to visit, the Heide Park; because of the swimming pool, because of the huge playground, and because they allow dogs.

Finding Campingplatz auf dem Simpel is easy, even though we don't have a navigator in the car. We simply printed out the directions using ADAC maps.

Upon arrival, my husband parked the car, went to the reception and was back after a few minutes with a camping ground map, two shower cards and the faucet's removable head.
See that green faucet head, that's what I was talking about.
The shower cards, which are pre-paid, would be needed whenever you use the shower and the wash room with hot water. Hot water use costs Euro 0.15 per minute. And unused amount would be returned after check-out.

The faucet's removable head is being given with deposit. This practice to save water because sometimes the faucets would be used by passers-by and won't be properly turned-off, leaving the water running.

We booked a comfort area with water and power connections, and hedges providing privacy.

Comfort area at Campingplatz auf dem Simpel
The camping ground features three sanitary houses with wash and shower cubicles that are handicap-friendly, washing machines and dryers, and changing room for babies, WiFi, supermarket offering groceries and fresh breads daily, a swimming pool, a restaurant, and a huge playground. There are also different sport activities/areas available including beach volleyball, football area, table tennis, bike rentals, etc.

Oh, it is a requirement to wear bath caps if you want to use the swimming pool. If you don't have any bath caps with you, you could buy bath caps at the reception area or at the supermarket.

The restaurant offers breakfast buffet, you just need to make a reservation a day before. It costs 8.50 Euro for adults, and 4.50 Euro for Kids. You could also avail of their salad buffet once you order a full meal. And I tell you, the salad buffet were delicious. The girls, despite ordering from the kiddie menu, were also allowed to treat themselves on the salad buffet, they loved it! The restaurant menu prices are affordable, too.

The girls enjoyed the Go-Kart which they drove around the camping grounds, though they tried the Go-Kart tracks, too. You could rent it for a day or per hour. My girls said the 2.50 Euro rent per hour was worth the fun.

Now, we did bring our dog, Rikki, with us. Along the perimeter where the camping ground is located is a wooded area, great to walk the dog and pick some berries, too.

The sanitary stations are clean and well-maintained. The staff are friendly and helpful. And there are also interesting areas around to visit.

Campingplatz auf dem Simpel also offers overnight parking spaces just outside their barrier at only 12 Euro per night that includes electricity but no sanitary use.

And for those wanting the comfort of home, Campingplatz auf dem Simpel has Holiday Homes, too. But dogs are not allowed.

As I said, we stayed only for three nights but we enjoyed camping. We even got friendly with the long-term campers staying near our camping space, that we got invited for dinner.

We promised them that we would be back. And because we enjoyed our short break there, we do indeed plan to go back.

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