Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blackberries, Plums and Peaches

freshly-picked blackberries from our backyard garden

We plan to go camping in a few days time but before we leave, we had to visit our backyard garden and our mountain garden to check on our fruit-bearing plants and trees.

In the backyard, our blackberry bushes are thriving. We have been harvesting them since last week. Yet, after only two days of not going down the garden to pick them, I ended up with a basketful and a caught a few thorns, too (ouch!). No way could we eat them before we leave, and our neighbors also have blackberry bushes, so I decided to freeze them. We can't wait to enjoy a blackberry smoothie/shake when we get back! I might even experiment and make an ice cream concoction out of them. Any ice cream recipe suggestions would be welcome.

The tomatoes would have to be watered and we asked a neighbor to do it for us. Since they are also thriving faster because of the weather, we also told them to harvest them for their own use.

As for our red beets, I don't know if they would survive. I have been looking forward to enjoying a cold red beet salad this summer but we have to wait a little.

plums and peaches from our mountain garden

Meanwhile, my husband and our dog drove up to our mountain garden. He wanted to make sure that we are leaving the garden in good condition. He also harvested some fruits that are ripe enough like these plums and peaches. Guess what we'd have for snacks this afternoon? Yes, peaches and plums :-)

I still cannot freeze those plums because they needed a few days to ripen. As for the peaches, the girls love them so much they were gone after a few minutes.

Now, there were gooseberries, too -- but our dog was faster than my husband. Rikki munched on them while my husband was busy on the peaches and plums.

The grapes, the other peach and plum trees, and the pear trees need some time. I hope we'd be able to enjoy them ripe and good when we come back from our holiday camp.

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