Sunday, August 25, 2013

We Support the Million People March to Scrap Pork Barrel in the Philippines

We are wearing black shirts and displaying those banners because we wanted the people back home in the Philippines to know that we are supporting them on their march to Luneta on Monday, August 26.

And because I agree with Junep Ocampo...

1. BECAUSE WE CARE. The greatest sin is not to commit a crime but to be indifferent. Yung wala nang pakialam. We're going because we want to show our children that we care for this country and we care for their future and that there are certain things in life worth fighting for.

2. BECAUSE WE ARE ENRAGED. Yes we are angry. We are angry at how some government officials are stealing the money that is supposed to be for projects meant for uplifting the lives of the poor. We are angry at how Janet Lim Napoles spent billions of money supposed to be for the poor. And we are angry because such things will continue if the pork barrel is not completely scrapped.

3. BECAUSE WE ARE HOPEFUL. We are only a small family of six. We are but a tiny ripple in this ocean of life. But we know that a tiny ripple joined by millions of tiny ripples eventually becomes a tsunami. Millions of tiny Filipino families like us who care for this country can create change.

People of the Philippines, let's do this for the future generation. Let's do this for ourselves. Let's do this for our country. Let's do this because we respect ourselves and our country. Let's go!

P.S. Now, I informed the girls why we are doing this. I told them this is a show of support for the Philippines who is fighting for their right to have a better life. They totally agree that the Philippines and its people are worth fighting for.

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