Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Welcome to the World, Zeth Alkin!

Zeth Alkin 
Your Tita (aunt) was busy packing and repacking for our camping trip when you were born last August 2, dear Zeth Alkin.

But I did notice that the world felt more wonderful and looked more beautiful, I am sure it was because you're a great addition to the human race.

I am pretty sure your mom and dad, and your super makulit big brother, Zyle, are now enjoying smelling your gentle baby perfume.
I am pretty sure your grandparents are now fighting for the chance to have you in their arms.
I am pretty sure your cousins, aunts and uncles are now busy shopping for gifts to bring to you.
I am pretty sure friends and other loved ones are now making time to visit you.

I don't know when we would have the chance to be there, but I am glad we have FB to share all these happenings, despite the distance.
I remember when your big brother, Zyle, was born.
Zeth being admired by his little big brother, Zyle
It was us who fetched you to be brought to your next set of grandparents.
I remember being witnessed to a sort of christening with water, with my husband as a godfather.
Just because it is a supertition in the Philippines that a new born baby should not travel until the christening.

And now, it's your turn, dear Zeth Alkin.
You are now home, after a short stay in the hospital.

I am sure you would grow to be just like your little big brother.
Both loved.
Both getting enough kisses and hugs.
Both having faith in the Lord above.
Both running in the rain.
Both barefoot in the mud.
Both sticky with chocolates and sweets :-)

We cannot wait to see you, Zeth.
Meanwhile, have a happy and a blessed life!

We love you.

P.S. I love your name, what a creative combination.

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