Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August Harvests

I can't believe we are still harvesting more than enough this August. We really thought the snails have taken over after the long rainy days.

I have to thank my husband's persistence in doing almost everything for the plants and trees in both gardens to survive. He would wake up early, around 5 am, to work: pulling weeds, trimming branches, mowing, watering the plants, repairing fences, etc. etc.

Now, what do we have? Let me show you.

The peache tree located near the mountain garden's gate is already thriving and the fruits are ripe!
But the other peach trees needed more time.

The nearby apple and pear trees are thriving, too.
We have to wait another few weeks though.
The Damson plums are also ready for picking.

The yellow plums (Mirabelle) are ripe, or else our dog won't be as busy.
Now, here is what I would call our magic tree.
Because we don't know where the Damson plum and the yellow plum trees start and end!
The big old tree is ripe with both plum sorts!
And our dog loves it, could you find her munching?

Then after the yellow plums, the blackberries turn to be picked.
And as a side dish for dinner, there's the rucola salad and tomatoes from our garden, too.
My husband told me that we might be lucky and get enough squash, too. I don't know if the grapes would thrive, though.

Meanwhile, he just planted lamb's lettuce, a family favorite. We hope the snails would leave them alone!

We have enough fruits for the whole week. I also got busy and made most of the blackberries and plums ready for the freezer. Some ended up in our fruit cake which we served to our weekend guests and some pieces we shared to our elderly neighbors. Some I used in our smoothie, some in the salad, but most of them became kiddie snacks.

I can't wait for the next harvest.

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