Monday, August 12, 2013

Our 12th Wedding Anniversary

On our way back home from the Baltic Sea camping grounds
IC said it best, "how awful that we are spending your 12th wedding anniversary in the car!" I totally agree with her. It is a far cry from our past wedding anniversary celebrations: fine dining, all of us fully-made up and yes, relaxed.

Well, we had hoped to extend our camping along the Baltic Sea but the place is just fully-booked. Therefore, we had to spend our wedding anniversary folding our tent, packing our bags and saying goodbye to their newly-found friends in the camping ground, and then, driving back home (an almost eight hour drive!).

We had dinner in a resting area, and it was fine dining Burger King style :-) So my husband said, promise, we would make up for it on Sunday (it's a Saturday). What happened on Sunday? We stayed in bed until Rikki woke us up at almost 11 a.m.

That means we decided to stay at home and relax. Well, they relaxed, I decided to clean the house and start with the washing, though I got to enjoy some sparkling wine (the kids got their kiddie wine) and a barbecue dinne, courtesy of my husband and the girls.

On Monday, we would celebrate our wedding anniversary, promise. And we did!

It was the city's feast (kerwe) and the girls enjoyed our late wedding anniversary celebration, of course! 

They didn't miss the fine dining atmosphere because there's all kinds of sweets and wursts and pizza and more sweets! They grabbed their favorites: churros, sweetened almonds, cotton candies, potato pancake with apple sauce, 1/2 meter bratwurst on bread, steak sandwich, salami pizza, German potato dumpling (Schupfnudeln) with sauerkraut, etc...

Then there's the rides and the many shopping opportunities. I said opportunities because, surprise, surprise, they managed to keep their money in their wallets the whole time :-)

The Kerwe Haus
The Kerwe Kiddie Regatta
Sweets and Rides
We also met some friends along the way. 

The girls didn't get to ride the giant ferris wheel though so their Papa told them they are allowed to go shopping using the money intended for their rides. I wonder, would I get shopping money, too? :-)

What a different way celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary. The main thing is: we are together.

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