Thursday, August 29, 2013

Visiting the City of Worms in Photos

This is found on the bridge entering/exiting the city of Worms
The city of Worms is located along the Rhine River and is known for its Cathedral. It is the only German member of the Most Ancient Europeans Town Network and one of the major sites where the ancient German Nibelungenlied took place.

We always pass through this town whenever we would get our supply of wine from our favorite wine maker, and we do visit Worms if there's a town feast for its rides and kiddie attractions.

But the only time I remember really taking a stroll through the town was with a baby MC and my now deceased in-laws. They brought me to a small corner restaurant serving the best fish soup in town. It was so small and the fish soup so good, people had to wait in line outside!

Anyway, MC would be having her school outing in Worms this coming school year and she wanted to see how the hotel looks like. Curious, really. I am, too. So, off to Worms we go. Let me show you the photos now.

The Cathedral of Worms
The mini Cathedral located in front of the Cathedral
The Dom Terrassen Restaurant is located in front of the Cathedral, at the back is the youth hostel,
next comes a church and then the museum.

The Cathedral of Worms
The wall in front of the Cathedral
A park near the center of the city
The shopping area
If I remember it right, this building showcases artworks.
Another picture of the wall near the Cathedral
The church near the Cathedral
The museum
Small streets would bring you to interesting city sights
The street leading to the Cathedral, the church is on the right side.
It would have been fun to really take time to explore, but the girls are not yet up to it. They explored the shopping areas more than the historial routes :-)

But I am sure MC would enjoy going around town with her schoolmates.

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