Friday, July 5, 2013

Picnic, Red Currants and Cherries

It was a last minute decision because it's a sunny Sunday. A picnic.

But what do we bring? A picnic blanket, a bag of cookies, enough drinks and empty baskets. The girls  brought their books, too.

Our destination: our mountain garden, a 10-minute ride.

Upon arrival, we chose our spot for the picnic blanket. Then we picked red currants, (I mean I picked and the girls munched) until one empty basket is full.
our picnic
Then we found our place in the sun, reading books and enjoying our red currants.

Meanwhile, my husband got busy trying to position the ladder in the cherry tree. After all, we still have one basket to fill.

Rikki on her best roles as the foot rest
After seeing the challenge faced by their Papa with the cherry tree and the ladder, the girls decided to help him. I hoisted both of them up on the tree and they started picking cherries and yes, picnicked up there. Rikki, the dog who is mad about cherries, have no complaints. Rikki got to munch on those cherries that she caught coming from the girls up on the tree!

Meanwhile, my husband who's having problems with the ladder, finally propped the ladder and managed to climb up without any problems. Despite and due to the shouts of warnings from the girls!

Papa, I will hold the ladder for you. Papa, be careful that your ladder won't fall on Rikki. Papa, please don't use the ladder if it's still dancing. Papa, you are too heavy for that branch, step on the next one. Papa, give me the basket so you could move up. Papa, hold on to that branch so I could reach the cherries. Papa, you are eating too much cherries!

Thereafter, the girls went for the cookie bag to have their picnic dessert :-)

Okay. That's our picnic, our red currants and our cherries.

P.S. Soon, we would have peaches, plums, apples, raspberries, and pears. Plus other fruity surprises that we have yet to discover. Can't wait!

our cherry-filled basket

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