Monday, January 27, 2014

A Saturday with IC and Rikki

IC is not really into hiking in the woods. She loves the outdoors but it would need time (and some treats) to convince her to go with us for long walks. But last Saturday, she was eager to go for a walk. In fact, she was the one who urged me to join her for a walk.

Well, why not? We geared up for the not so nice weather (it has been raining on and off for days) and took Rikki with us. It turned out, IC has a specific goal for her adventure into the woods. Let me show you....

After reaching the curve that would bring us into the woods, IC immediately disappeared.

Rikki just discovered that IC has disappeared from her view

Where is IC, Rikki?

I have decided not to let her loose because there are wild animals around at this time of the year,
so Rikki was almost dragging me up the hill :-)

There, Rikki finally found the rock.
Look at that ribbon, actually that's her doggie bag for you know....

But where is IC? I guess Rikki found her.

That rock formation is the reason why IC wanted to go into the woods.

Hey Rikki, did you loose IC again?

Oh there is IC. What's she doing up there?

IC is building a cave, a secret cave! Shhhh.

Rikki started helping IC, oops, she's destroying and not collecting the sticks needed to build the cave's roof!

A peek inside her secret cave.

Tired but happy.

A happy jump before leaving her work of art in the woods.

Rikki carefully watching IC before she'd disappear again.

Back home, tired :-)

IC's been going back to the woods regularly, even bringing some very close friends with her, to help her build their secret cave. They have started 'sealing' the roof with leaves and sticks so they would not be surprised when it rains. They have created tables and chairs using beds of sticks. Soon there would be flags hanging outside the rock, staking their claim.


haze said...

This is a plus job ! My kids wanted to have a dog but I said no. I have 3 kids plus a husband to take care of !!! So we opted for a cat at least it's more independent ;) !

raqgold said...

Hi Haze, great to see you here :-) The dog came as a big comfort after having the difficult decision of leaving our first dog in the Philippines. Not to mention the months of tears. You are right, having a dog is just like having another kid but we are enjoying the health benefits of going outdoors in any weather!