Friday, January 10, 2014

DIY: From a Bathrobe into a Dog Bed

Rikki, our 2-year-old golden retriever needs a new bed. I have been searching the internet for DIY suggestions and I finally found something that I could work on: this.

I used an old bathrobe, and to make the bed more stable and softer, I added an old winter coat. I was done after 30 minutes!

Pet bed from an old bathrobe
Materials needed:
- an old bathrobe
- old winter clothes, socks, stockings or rags for stuffings
- a large enough needle
- thread
- a pair of scissors


I followed the instructions here.

The old bathrobe
Insert the old winter jacket inside the old bathrobe.
Make sure the coat is zipped and buttoned up. 
Sew the bathrobe close.
Sew the upper part of the bathrobe and the winter coat together.

Sew the sleeves into the main body of the bathrobe to secure them tightly.
Put the stuffings inside the winter coat.

Sew the sleeves edges.

Sew the neck area.

After putting the stuffing inside the bathrobe's main body area, roll the edge and sew. 

Rikki cannot wait for her new bed :-)
To create a rounder bed, sew the end of sleeves on the side of the bathrobe's main body.
 Do it on both sides. 

Rikki's happy with her new bed!
I remember, as a new pet owner, we shelved out more than 100 Euro for Rikki's bed. This new bed costs nothing yet I enjoyed doing it especially since the pet owner was beside me, warming my feet, the whole time :-)

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