Wednesday, January 15, 2014

MC's story on how to get free fries

MC just arrived from school and I asked her if I should prepare a late lunch for her.

Usually, she would be shouting about how hungry she is before she would even open the front door. But today, she calmly opened the door, went to her room, and did her 'things' before going down where I was waiting for her in the kitchen.

So, 'do you want to eat something?' I repeated.

MC said, 'no Mama. I am not hungry. My friend and I went to the kiosk in front of their school and got ourselves some fries before heading home.'

Then she excitedly added, 'Mama, you know what? Next time we'd buy french fries in that kiosk near the school? We would get them for free!'

'Wow, how did that happen?,' I asked.

MC's repy, 'My friend and I just started eating our fries in front of the kiosk and both of us said, "Yummy, these fries are really delicious!"

It turned out that one of the supposed customers standing around the kiosk is a health inspector and upon hearing the girls exclaiming how delicious the fries were, he praised the kiosk's owner :-) One for having loyal customers like the girls, two for the supposedly 'delicious fries'!

And the grateful owner then thanked the girls for the beautiful words they uttered while the health inspector was there. He also promised them free french fries the next time they come around for lunch.

Well, that's MC's tip on how to get free french fries: appreciate your restauranteur's food aloud just in case a health inspector is around.

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