Sunday, January 19, 2014

DIY: From Old Socks into Gloves

I saw this posted on Facebook and decided to create a few for my girls: gloves from old socks.

Image taken from Facebook, source unknown

Materials needed:
- pairs of old socks
- needles
- thread
- a pair of scissors
- extra materials for decor (if you want)

From old socks into gloves

Old socks

Check and measure the size

Cut accordingly
Cut the areas not needed

Fold the edges and sew 

Sew the side together, don't forget to leave the area for the thumb open!

From socks into gloves

With hearts :-)
This project took me only five minutes. And I have since created 6 pairs as my girls loved them! I do hope my girls would still have socks for the feet though :-)

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haze said...

Hi raquel, this is cool, very helpful and tip saver !!!

raqgold said...

Go for it, Haze. A pair of gloves would cost around 5 Euro, great savings really.