Monday, February 24, 2014

A Black Forest (Schwarzwald) Sunday

My husband finally received a Tom Tom, a Dutch GPS system. He has been giving us hints last year that maybe, a GPS in our car would make our life easier.

Naturally, he's been eager to test if this navigation system really works! I suggested driving to a certain place where we have never been this Sunday to test his Tom Tom.

I wanted to go along the border between Germany and France, but after learning that we needed extra shots of our dog, Rikki, we decided to stay within Germany.

My husband found a nice place in Schwarzwald with a great restaurant called Rote Lache, so off we go after breakfast.

This area is located in Black Forest, near Baden-Baden, a famous spa and cultural area.
What about those witch brooms? 

It means they are celebrating Fasching (Carnival), a pre-Lenten festivity. 

The streets have been decorated with witch brooms and colorful bunting.

And then we  were driving up the mountain, the Black Forest. 

Although IC complained about the cold and wanted to go straight to the restaurant,
we out-voted her and went for a short hike.

Although IC said she's cold, it was a warm, sunny day. 
We passed by this  hut where skiers used to wax their skis.
This used to be a busy ski slope as this area of the Black Forest used to be a popular ski area.
I remember we were in the Black Forest in 2009 for a winter vacation!

And this used to be a busy ski lift (now abandoned and vandalized).

We managed to convince IC to join us for a short hike.
And it was because of her that it really became a short, quick hike :-)

See? After a few minutes in the wood, we are already walking back.
And the girls are arguing because MC wanted to go for a longer hike.

Yes, we are back.

The Rote Lache Restaurant located at Großherzog-Friedrich-Luisenstraße 202 in Forbach-Rote Lache.
There were tables and chairs outside, with thick blankets available for those who wanted to stay and smell the fresh air.

I almost decided to stay outside, because of our dog, you know.
But the girls said they wanted to enjoy and linger this meal time.
So okay, the dog had to stay in the car. 

The baked goodies area of the restaurant. Let me tell you, when I learned that we would be driving to the Black Forest, I told my husband that I would definitely try  the famous Black Forest Cherry cake. I know this cake, but I could only remember  tasting the Philippine version, which means, no alcohol :-)  That's why I am real happy when I saw this! Actually, the girls' can't contain their excitement, too. It took them the whole meal to decide what to get for dessert!
After a savory potato soup with warm bread, and a plate of green salad, we got our main dish.
My husband chose Spätzle with his meat and it was deliciously freshly-made. 

This is beef with a hefty horseradish sauce, wow!
It was my first time to try this dish which is a favorite of my late father-in-law and now I know why.

My husband had to repeatedly remind the person minding
the baked goodies corner to save a slice of the Black Forest Cherry cake for me.
You see because of the sunny weather, the restaurant was very busy and people cannot resist the wonderful cakes!
Most of them had to have a piece or two to take home. We took home a couple of Meringues, though.
MC earlier decided to get a Cherry Streusel cake but it was already gone by the time we finished our lunch.
She ended up with her all-time favorite, the Cheese Cake.
We enjoyed our meal at Rote Lache Restaurant.
The food was great, the servive was friendly and we appreciated
that the waitress apologized for the slow service that day.
I think the warm weather brought more customers than normal this lovely Sunday.
This area located beside the restaurant could have been an old ski-slope.

We could not resist the view.

IC wanted to run down the hill. Now she's got enough energy despite
having a few spoonfuls of the Black Forest Cherry cake.

After a heavy lunch and a Black Forest cake heavy with alcohol, I guess I needed a short break.
And the view plus the fresh air helped.
(It is a rule in Germany that only Black Forest Cherry torte (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte) made
with Kirshwasser (cherry liquor) is would be allowed to be marketed as such.)

We could have stayed there the whole afternoon, you know.

The Black Forest, we are definitely coming back!

Rote Lache Restaurant-Cafe-Gartenterrasse
Großherzog-Friedrich-Luisentraße 202
76596 Forbach-Rote Lache
Tel: 0049- (0) 7228-9199-0

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