Sunday, February 9, 2014

Are We Read to Own a Caravan?

We are active campers. We have been pitching our tents since the girls were toddlers.

Now, I would love to be pampered in hotel with their all-inclusive-offers but I admit, I have also fallen in love with roughing it. And last year, during our camping trips, we enjoyed checking out those caravans that were on sale. That could have ticked our 'dream' of owning our very own caravan.

A few weeks ago, we spent a Sunday cruising around town checking out the available caravans, used and brand new. We enjoyed going up and down the different motor homes, opening cupboards and bathroom doors, testing the beds, and measuring the dining areas.
A caravan with double bed and oven

The girls prefer a caravan with bunk betts, and yes, a television set. I am price conscious and yet I would love to find one with an oven which I think would make camping a little easier, but it's not a priority. My husband simply wants enough space, remember, we have a dog!
A caravan with a bunk bed
Whatever! It is just fun going around and dreaming about owning a caravan and moving around Europe soon.

Are we ready to own one? Definitely, when the price is right.

Plus, there are other things to consider (aside from the price):
- would our vehicle be good enough to handle a caravan
- would we have a safe space to park the caravan

For now, I would continue plotting our trips in my dreams.

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