Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Danke Ferrero Deutschland

I think it was late summer last year that the girls discovered the Ferrero Stifte-Box-Sammelaktion (Pencil Box Collection Campaign).

It could be just an excuse to enjoy more of their favorite Milch-Schnitte, but since it was also an excuse for me to enjoy my favorite Kinder Maxi-King; I encouraged them to start collecting. After all, once you collect enough stickers, you get a cool box of pencil from Faber-Castell for free! Good enough for my two artists.

I remember, too, that most of the stickers were collected during our 10-day camping trip along the Baltic Sea.

Back to the Ferrero campaign... as soon as we collected enough stickers for both girls; we immediately sent them to the designated address. We had hoped to collect another set of stickers for another box-filled pencils but as the girls pointed out, it was my fault, I forgot to buy their Milch-Schnitte. You see, I was really looking for Kinder Maxi-King :-)

Anyway, MC received her Faber-Castell pencil box in blue last December.

But, where is the red pencil box for IC? I told her it would come later. January came and there's still no red pencil box for IC. Meanwhile, MC's blue pencil box has found a great place in the middle of her writing table. Where IC could see it everyday.
MC's pencil box
Though I never heard any complaint from IC about her own pencil box, I wondered myself. I even thought about writing Ferrero a letter. Then early this week, IC came down to the kitchen waving a letter, saying, 'Mama, my pencil box would come in four weeks!'
The letter from Ferrero Deutschland
It took me sometime to grasp what she was talking about, then I saw the letter.

Well, what a nice surprise. Ferrero Deutschland sent her a letter thanking her for joining the campaign.

The letter stated that because of the campaign's tremendous success, they needed to reorder the Faber-Castell pencil boxes as they are not available anymore. But that IC's pencil box would be delivered in about four weeks' time.

Yey! My little is happy and I am happy that Ferrero Deutschland took time to send the letter.

So here's to you Ferrero Deutschland, danke. Thank you for the letter. Thank you for letting us know that you care.

We do appreciate that letter.

Now I have to go buy myself a pack of Kinder Maxi-King and Milch-Schnitte for the girls, of course. Just to let you know how much we appreciate that letter.

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