Thursday, February 27, 2014

Weiberfastnacht (Fat Thursday) 2014

IC is a cute Indian
Weiberfastnacht (Fat Thursday) is Christian tradition that marks the last Thursday before Lent and is associated with the celebration of Carnival. People would be having a big feast in full costume. And since it is a Ladies Night, the men who wanted to join the parties should show up as women, too!

The usual highlight of the party would be the men's ballet, which would really be a delicuous comic relief, aside from being well-presented! Another funny custom, which is generally practiced in Cologne would be men's ties being cut off my the women, they would be rewarded by a kiss though.

IC's class celebrated the day with a buffet breakfast and they wore their favorite costumes, too. MC doesn't seem to be too keen on dressing up anymore though.

Anyway, IC requested a special Weiberfastnacht last night, I told her she asked too late but we would celebrate tomorrow. I told my husband to buy Berliner (a German doughnut without a hole) and some Quarkbällchen (doughnut balls) for our special costume party. I can't wait!

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