Monday, March 23, 2009

Do your kids tell you everything?

It is always a wonder to me how MC would ask for sometime daily for her to tell us about her day in the school.

She would inform us of every tiny detail.

She would tell us even the reaction of the people around her.

She would even mark some important words that she could say them the way they were said.

That is why we know everything that happened in the school and everything that would happen in the school.

Which makes it really frustrating for some of the parents I usually chat up with because most of their kids dont tell them even a tiny bit of what happened in the school. Sometimes their kids even omit the most important notices; sometimes even forgetting to give out the written notices coming from the school.

They would have to search the school bags to find out about the homeworks or the school notices. MC simply hands them out to us upon arriving home; and would inform us right away what kind of homework she's got that day. Plus, she would take out her snack box and drink bottle and bring them in the kitchen.

I think she became used to talking almost about anything because ever since she started kindergarten; I would always ask ask to sit with me in the kitchen while I prepare our lunch. I would ask her to tell me about her day while I cook. I would ask her to tell me a story while I get the table ready. I would ask her to continue talking to me while I tidy up in the kitchen.

At night, we would have a short story telling or simply a short question and answer portion :D

And now that IC is also enjoying sharing her own stories; please dont ask how long our lunches are taking :D


haze said...

Yes my kids do the same even the smallest details ! I prefer they tell things to know how they feel or what they think on certain things ! It's part of growing up ;) !

Tina of MyGoodFinds said...

Hi Raqgold,
It's a good thing to be able to be there to listen to all their stories. I think the communication should be really strong so that we know what is going on in their cute little heads until they grow up.

Take care,

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