Sunday, March 1, 2009

Winter Wonderland in Austria

It was a real winter wonderland in Kleinwalsertal in Austria.

We were there the whole week for a winter vacation. It snowed almost the whole week. And here's how it looked like when we arrived.

This is the apartment we rented, located in Mittelberg. Good thing we bought snow chains as with 2 meter snow and even though the street was cleared, we wouldnt be able to traverse the mountain road with our car.
This is the road going to the nearest ski lift. Of course, the kids are already on their sled. IC is most specially happy as she is too lazy to walk :)
Who could resist the invitation of the snow covered walkways? The girls simply had to jump in and let themselves be covered with snow, too.
Enjoying the winter wonderland, all alone!
And this is only the first day!


iris said...

ang saya naman niyan ate kengks. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Brrr!!! I could just imagine how cold it is there. Hope you enjoyed every bit of your vacation.

Vlado&Toni said...

wonderful photographs. the girls are really having a blast. winter wonderland indeed!