Friday, March 20, 2009

A Special Date with my First Born

I am going on a long trip with my youngest daughter, thus I wanted to spend sometime with my oldest daughter before we leave.

I told her I wanted to spend a special time with her alone. She could dictate what we would do, she could dictate where we would go. And we would both try to make it a special day.

She was so excited, she couldnt decide at first. Then she remembered, she still need to use her gift certificate from McDonald's that she received on her birthday last December. McDonald's it is.

A meal in McDonald's is a very unusual event in our family. I could only count the times that we would visit this fastfood restaurant in a year -- one or two per year. That is why McDonald's means a special treat!

We chatted over french fries, hamburger and chicken nuggets. I had to eat a Happy Meal, too, as MC wanted to bring home a gift for IC. She knows that IC wouldnt enjoy eating the cold food but she would love the item that goes with the Happy Meal. She told me about her day. I told her about my day. We giggled a lot.

We decided that we would go window shopping. She wanted to buy something, I told her she could and we agreed on a budget. She took her time choosing and bargained about the budget every now and then before finding the right one for her and for her sister.

I checked out some clothes and asked her opinion. But then she decided to try and be a mannequin so she simply stood in between the shop mannequins and stopped moving for a time.

We searched the perfume and eau de toilette section for the best smell. We sprayed here and there; used the paper samplers; used our hands; and we ended up with a headache with the smell overload but we enjoyed it.

And then we played and giggled while waiting for our bus. And then we played and giggled while inside the bus. And then we walked home tired but happy.

MC told me we should do it again :D


lovelyn said...

I could picture both of you having fun. The window shopping, trying on clothes plus spraying the sample perfumes and all... Something my boys wouldn't... But the McDonalds thing, they'll surely do. Hay, kelangan ata ng isang babae hehehe...

Vlado&Toni said...

sweet :) what a wonderful private time with MC :) I'm sure this will be one of those most memorable moments in her life, something nice to remember when she's older...

Amanda said...

you should :)