Monday, March 9, 2009

A Movie Date with the Girls

We watched a movie last Saturday, the girls and I.

It was a spontaneous invitation I gave them.

It was getting a bit boring watching my husband doing his scheduled spring cleaning. I know, I know -- I should have helped him right? But he scheduled it and I didnt agree with his schedule so then... ;D

Good thing the movie house near us is showing a film good for their age. And so we went with my bag full of chips and gummi bears.

The movie is 'Stella und des Sterns des Orients.'

At first I was a bit apprehensive that it would be boring or worse, not really for the kids. But it didnt disappoint. It was a hit for them. Here's a summary:

The 10-year old Stella (Laura Berschuk) visited her great grandma's house on New Year's Day, where she discovered in the attic a magic gate, which brought her back to the past 100 years. She met two children: her future great grandma Clementine (Hanna Schwamborn) and great-great-uncle Gustav (Julius of Romans). The family discovered that their estate is in danger. But Stella and the other children discovered a hidden treasure that could save the family. The children's adventure in trying to find the treasure while being pursued by two scrupulous men is done in a light and funny way that the young audience would love.
The core of the child film is " Star of the Orients" , a precious treasure that is represented by the amulet necklace that was passed from one generation to another.
I did say it was a hit right? MC loved it so much she invited a girlfriend to watch it again the next day! Meaning, I watched it two times, but it was okay. It was a great bonding time with the girls. Not to mention, I got an excuse not to clean the house :)

I did have to prepare the girls for their first movie experience and here's what I did:

- I researched about the movie in the internet, I dont want their first movie experience to be horrible nor I dont want our bonding moment to be a big flop
- I explained to them that a movie house is simply a big television with a lot of people watching together
- I told them that the movie house would be huge
- Before entering the darkened room, I already told them that it would be a little dark inside
- I sat in between the two girls and told them I could always hold their hands if they wanted
- Before the show started, I prepared them for the eventuality of the complete darkness when the movie begins
- And I told them to simply enjoy the show


haze said...

I never mind watching the film over and over basta maganda! Hahaha ikaw ha kunwari ka pa dyan, nuod sine pero takas linis lol !

raqgold said...

haze - actually, tumakas lang talaga ako sa paglilinis, hehehe