Friday, November 5, 2010

Dear hospital staff...

Dear doctors, nurses, caregivers and other  hospital staff;

I know you are all busy.
The hospital is understaffed.
You are all overworked. Stressed.
You have also your own problems.
We understand that and all others.

Please understand us, too.
We dont want our loved ones to be in the hospital but because they need extra medical attention, we left them to your capable hands.

When you come in the room... we would appreciate it, really...
How about a smile?
How about talking to our loved one, asking him what he needs, what hurts -- and trying to disguise the urgency in your voice?
How about letting him feel human by touching him, through eye contacts?
How about some nice words when you pass by?

The tender loving care, the love, we are always ready to give; but sometimes we need a little help from you out there, too.
Thank you very much.

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