Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Girls and Their Sick Opa

Their grandfather is sick.
He was in the hospital.

The kids visited them there. A series of strokes left him bedridden.
We tried to prepare the kids. We already told them that the Opa is sick.
Opa is thinner. Opa needs help. Opa is not so strong anymore.

When they arrived at the hospital, they both greeted the Opa. And then 8-year-old MC just looked at him and stayed a distance. Six-year-old IC watched closely. Both of them tried to help -- calling the attention of the nurses, giving Opa tissue papers, combing Opa's hair, offering him food, and with some prompting -- held Opa's hands.

After that visit, the kids were quiet on our drive home.
Why is it that Opa's like a child? Covering his head with his blanket?

Where would Opa be if the Oma is already inside? Would he be on top?

Lots of questions. Some have answers, some don't. Just remember, girls, the Opa loves you.

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