Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holding Hands

I love holding hands with my girls.

I love it when the girls would fight for my hands whenever we would go out for a walk.
Although I dont really understand why they would fight when I do have two hands, one for each of them!

MC just hates being on the side where my bag would be. And that's where the discussion and the fight would always start :-D
IC, she doesnt care; as long as she's holding my hand.

Releasing their hands would not be simple.
Sometimes, I have to tell them to march one by one when the sidewalk would be too narrow to fit the three of us holding hands.
Sometimes I would tell them to let loose when I have to get something from my bag. Or when I have to pay something. Or just because.

Just because wont do at all. I need a reason.

So I would tell them, look at the other kids. They are running alone. They are walking alone.
As long as you would take care, as long as you would take note of the road and the traffic around you -- it is perfectly okay not to hold hands.

So the girls would say, Okay!
And would reach out, and proceed to hold my hands.
I would grasp them automatically; hoping that the sidewalk would be wide enough to accommodate us, holding hands.

Wait a minute... it is fun to hold hands. It is warm -- not only during cold days, but it wraps my heart in warmth and love, too.

That decided it. I will enjoy holding hands with them as long as they want me, too. We would take narrow pathways sideways so that we wont have to release our hold. Or choose wider paths so that we wont have to break our stride, our grips.

And unless they wont let go, I would hang on.

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