Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's the season...

... for writing down lists!

I guess the girls are caught up with all the advertisements on TV; and the catalogues that we are receiving at home.


Both of them have already noted what they wanted for the following gift-giving days: St. Nicolas ( December 6), MC's birthday (Dec 10), Christmas Day (December 25, of course!), IC's birthday (13 April), Easter (24 April).

Mind you, their lists were complicated. But as the girls said, the right or wrong spelling doesnt matter -- as long as we could read and understand their list.

Again, there's a big discussion about electronic/console games. MC wants to have her own; because most of her friends have one or two.

I reminded her that we have agreed earlier, that she could only get one, if she would be able to pay for such items using her own money. Plus, if she's already good in her studies.

And would she rather have buttons to push alone than toys to play with her sister and her friends? She smiled knowingly, 'No Mama, I was only checking if you still remember that condition. Of course, I would love the toys and playing with other kids better, but asking doesnt hurt.'

Mmmm :-D

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