Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Little Sister!

Oops, I know, you are not little anymore.
You are already in your early 30s.
And you are also bigger than me now :-D

But for me, you are still my little sister.
The one with the killer eyes. And I mean literally and figuratively.
I remember that even our father would figure out in fights just because you threw someone your killer stare and made them uncomfortable.

I would remember you as the one always in the middle of arguments. I remember that with five siblings -- you are the only one that brought our parents to the school guidance counsellor; not only once but how many times. I remember that one time, you brought the whole family in tears just because... and you brought people in tears just because...

But despite all those misunderstandings, I would like to call them now; we managed, and you managed yourself good (despite jumping into different universities and changing your courses).

I didnt know that you would follow my steps -- going into writing and the love of words. I didnt know you had it into you to be the president of the university's student council! I didnt know a lot about you, but now, I am glad I am knowing more about you.

Imagine, more than 30 years of being sisters and I am just starting to get to know you. And I am enjoying knowing about you, as my girls are enjoying knowing you.

Distance doesnt matter, little sister.
You are remembered with pride and joy and much love on your special day.

Happy Birthday, Anna.

P.S. The girls want lumpiang shanghai be delivered to us as according to them, you are sure to have them on your birthday!

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