Sunday, June 10, 2012

43 in Photos

When I turn 43, I wished for great surprises. I was not disappointed.

My husband and the girls prepared a full breakfast, complete with freshly-bought rolls from the bakery. The table decoration is filled with balloons and my girlie gifts from the girls :-) No photos because I was overwhelmed by all of it so early in the morning.

For my birthday cake, the family baked a New Yorker Cheesecake with Freshly-Picked Red Currants. A first time!
The girls enjoyed cruising with Opa's oldtimer motorbike with Papa driving; and then, I tried driving it, yehawww!
It took time to master the first important step but I did it!
Dinner at the Volkano Restaurant after a short walk in the strawberry fields with our dog. The restaurant's ambiance is a big hit with the girls.
After dinner ice cream treat, Biene Maja for IC.
Back home, I watched the European Football Championship Game between Germany and Portugal with the girls.
They were screaming louder than the neighborhood boys! Plus, the girls begged us to decorate our car with the German flags just like this car in photo. And they wanted to cover our whole house with the German flags, too! (Oh, Germany won 1-0 against Portugal).

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