Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Girl Speaks-Up for the Boys

Ten-year-old MC came home from school in a bad mood. 'Mama, all my girl friends in school hate me,' she cried. She explained, 'well, it was during sport. The girls were asked to choose a game. And everybody, including the boys, played that chosen game. When it was time for the boys to select a game they wanted to be played, all the girls resisted.' It turned out that while the girls were alone in the dressing room, MC told them that she finds it unfair for the boys. 'I told the girls in my class that it is not good. The girls must also give in to the boys to be fair.' After saying those words, all the girls turned on MC and said, 'you are supposed to be on our side and not for the boys.' MC argued, 'well, I told you what I feel. I think the boys should have their chance, too.' She left the dressing room afterwards and refused to talk to the girls anymore. After letting her frustration out by talking to us, she felt a little better. 'You know what, Mama, I don't care what the girls think. I will fight for what is right,' she added. Well, my girl, you got that right, too!

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