Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DIY: From an Old Bath Towel into a Hanging Storage

I was browsing into an outdoor magazine, looking for camping items. We are getting ready for our camping trip this summer! Since we are using a big tent; I was looking for articles that could help me in the storage area.

I wanted something that I can hang anywhere, something with enough space, something sturdy, something washable, something affordable. After looking though the available items in the catalogue, I ended up creating my own storage thingy.

I used an old yet still sturdy towel, plus scraps of cloths. (I recently turned a few pair of jeans of the girls into shorts and it's a good thing I didn't throw those scraps away.)


an old towel
enough scraps of cloths ( for example, bottoms of jeans)
a pair of scissors
some threads
a sewing machine (or you can handsew, too, then you would need needles)

How to create the hanging storage:

First, I cut and sew together two long strips of cloths, at least two inches thick, again using scraps from those jeans. Folding the towel, I fixed the strips of cloths with pins on both ends of the folded towel, this would be the top side.

Then I sew the whole edge of the towel.

Then I created my storage pockets pattern, using the scraps of jeans. I choose colors that would match with my towel. I decided to keep the bottom part of the jeans as openings.

Again, I fixed them with pins.

Then I started sewing the storage pockets.

Here's how the hanging storage looks like.

And in use :-) I stuffed it with different kitchen items, I am glad it held. We are ready to camp!
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anney said...

Ang gaganda namn ng mga DIY projects mo! At di magastos kasi nagagamit mo yung mga srcaps dyan sa bahay nyo.