Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY: From an Old Jeans into a Shoulder Bag

MC doesn't want to wear this pair of jeans anymore. So I decided to make a cut-out shorts for her; still, she refused to wear them.

Therefore, I decided to experiment a little and created this shoulder bag out of MC's old jeans. And she loved it!!
The shoulder bag made from an old pair of jeans.
Materials needed:
an old pair of jeans
a pair of scissors
tape measure
extra accessories depending on your design (like an old belt)
sewing machine

First, cut off the bottom of the jeans into the lenght that you desire.
Mine is bit smaller because my little girl is the one who would use it.
Then undo the seam between the middle area, front and back -- see above

Afterwards, spread the unseamed area and sew them together. 

Then fold and sew least 3 inches above the hemline.

It would look like this.

Turn the jeans inside-out and sew the hemline together. The jeans is already with lining so I didn't have to add one.

Cut pieces on both ends of the edges.

Fold those edges once and sew them. Then turn it again. Then add the bag straps.

The bag is done! The belt is a colorful addition.
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anney said...

Super pretty! At may belt pa talaga! hihi!