Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Germany, Here We Come!

Our last night in Manila and tomorrow we would be flying back to Germany. Time really flies when one is having fun!

The kids dont want to go back. My husband wants to stay, too. And I do echo my family's wish :D


PMN: Home and Garden talks about simple Easter gifts.


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Raq. I wish you and your family a safe trip back home. Thank you again for that wonderful dinner. I'm happy that you and your family took time to meet us. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Time did fly- i checked back on your entries to see when you went, i can't believe that it was about a month ago!
Glad that you and your family had a great time!
Guess who's planning to make the trek to pinas?
How did the girls take the weather. I'm concerned about Mary not liking the heat..

haze said...

Welcome back Raggold. How's home so far ? Impatient to hear more stories from you!

raqgold said...

rach - that PMN mom dinner is a highlight talaga. thanks a lot for driving all the way to ortigas to meet with us. worth it naman di ba :D it's great to meet with you!

marysmom - uy, uwi rin kayo sa pinas? am sure everybody would enjoy. it was not really too hot in manila. my kids doesnt really complain about the heat though they do ask for sunglasses when the sun shines too bright and they love having the 'pamaymay' with them, hehehe

haze - am impatient to share too but i am still busy with the houseworks. slowly but surely, am going to share. Pinas is really fun!