Sunday, March 16, 2008

Impressive Anilao

Did I say two weeks is too long for a beach vacation? Well, I could have stayed with the whole family in Batangas for much much longer.

I simply needed a trainer to help me shoo the calories I take everyday! Anilao, Batangas is the best. We left Eagle Point Resort, where we stayed for a week and enjoyed it too, to find a real beach shore. And we discovered Dive Solana. Actually, we were booked at Aguila Beach Resort -- but the place is a disappointment. I would talk more about this later.

We had to cruise the mountains of Anilao, Batangas to find a better alternative. We visited lots of resorts but fell in love with Dive Solana, despite the fact that they dont have a swimming pool.

And that decision to stay at Dive Solana impressed us more about Anilao. Anilao is a famous dive spot, but I didnt know why it was so famous until now! My husband fell in love with the treasures of the sea, the kids loved the beach and the facilities and the friendly "babysitters" (read: the resort's employees), and I love celebration of the Filipino culture that is a showcase at Dive Solana resort -- all of us agree that the food is great. Our clothes were getting a bit tighter, hahahaha!

PMN: Home and Garden features Easter eggs.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hello raqgold,

passing by, akala ko nandito na kayo sa

ganda naman nyo dyan, enjoy kayo sa mga beach resorts, sa araw.

kami dito, ay laging ulan-raining days nga at cold pa rin.

yesterday, visit kami sa Oma ni bernie, in Irsch, maliit na barrio, part ng Trier.....we planned to sleep somewhere there, para sana ngayon, we plan to have a walk in Trier, then after, plan to drive Luxembourg, diba malapit na lang sa Lux. from Trier?

naku, ang lakas ng ulan, sa Oma lang kami at sa Onkel niya, hindi nga naka labas sa lakas ng Ulan.

kaya, nandito na kami sa wohnung....kasi isip namin ni bernie useless lang ang lakas ng ulan, hindi ja...kann nicht machen...

presently,i plan to go in Mannheim with kim...schaufenster schaunen
or sabi pa nga fenster schlicken...hahahah

ostern ferien na nga dito for 2 wochen....sigi, balik na lang dito...

we will meet kung nandito na kayo ha?

Happy Easter na lang.....enjoy your easter there....

ay nagcolored ka na ba ng ei???

ako wla pa, bernie plans to colored some....ako si

happy week days......regards

hmhmhm taas ng comments ko ay----sorry ha.

haze said...

Yes Anilao is one of the best for diving too ! Are there some changes? Wow babysitters, the first time I heard is the service new or matagal na yon ?

raqgold said...

hi vk - we are back in germany! as promised, i would call you for an EB as soon as matapos ko na ang mga labada ko, hehehe. the kids got to color eggs pa and we got to enjoy easter egg hunting inside the house because it is snowing here! grabe ang lamig, brrr!

haze - i know anilao as a beach resort siguro kasi i dont dive :) but anilao is well preserved and they have even discovered new diving sites. masarap din to snorkel and to observe from the shore, ang dami mo ng makikita talaga. impressive. those babysitters are the resort employees, hahaha. kami lang kasi ang bisita so they have time to play with the kids.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

sigi, tawagan na lang tayo, kung kailan ha?

oo nga ang weather, ang lamig at nag snow pa.....lamiggggg

saka na tayo mag-plan kailan tayo mag-EB, sana maganda na ang weather, kasi nakatamad lumabas.....

sigi, have a nice day there....

alam ko, ang daming gawain pa...labahan, number one....hay....

bye n regards to all-

JeannieTheDreamer said...

pictures.... i can't wait to see them...