Monday, March 3, 2008

Batangas Now!

I really enjoyed the EB with the PMN moms: Julie, Feng, Lynn, Cookie, Dine, Noemi, Rach, and Rowena: and of course got to meet the kiddie club consisting of Cookie's girls and Rowena's clinging bunch :D MC and IC wanted to play with them but were too shy!

We are now in Batangas: at the Eagle Point Resort. Manila's experiencing unusual rainy days but the sun welcomed us here! Food is great. Service is friendly. The resort is great. The kids got to meet some animal friends here: the lizards, the peacock, the fish 'nemo'.

And MC just went snorkeling with Papa today at the Sepoc Beach! Nope, I was asked to join but I dont have the nerve, yet!

Let's see later. We would be here for one week after all!

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hello raquel,

wow batangas na kayo....i hear na maganda daw dyan, peaceful n clean.

dito palaging ulan, at nag sturm pa last saturday, ay naku lumipad pa ang mga werbung post sa street.

nakatakot talaga at malakas pa ang hangin at ulan.....

mabuti kayo dyan ang init, dito malamig pa rin, at saka balik dumilim na man.

pero sabi, this week, better na raw......pero ito ulan pa rin....

again, a million thanks for bringing my present to Dine n Rachel......

sigi, enjoy there, enjoy the warm weather there,....
dito ay malamig talaga....

bye and regards

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Raq. I had a wonderful time meeting you and your beautiful family. You're very warm and friendly in person as you are online. Thank you for the great dinner and the chocolates.

I hope that you'll enjoy the rest of your vacation. Take care.

raqgold said...

vk - it was fun meeting with the PMN moms. i can assure you, you would enjoy being with them too!

rach - it was a warm and welcoming EB with the PMN moms. i would have loved to do more meets next time :)

feng said...

hi Raq! happy Easter to you and your family.

it was nice meeting you as well. thanks for the wonderful time. sa uulitin. heehee.

BTW, sa wakas now lang na update yung subscription ko sa RSS ng blog mo. I was subscribed before, pero naka redirect na pala sa feedburner. ;)