Thursday, April 3, 2008

Meets with PMN Moms in Pinas

My husband told me, a few days after coming from our vacation: 'You know what, this is the first vacation in Manila where we were always meeting people almost every night!' Well, he was right. I am a loyal friend and I do tend to keep them for a long, long time... In fact, everytime I go back home; there are reunions left and right -- from the childhood friends, to the classmates from grade school, high school and the university; to my former officemates and the casual acquaintances; and of course, the long list of relatives and god children!

And then I started blogging. Blogging introduced me to a lot of people who I now consider special people, friends really. Those people would include the Pinay moms of PMN. And I did get to meet with them during our vacation in Manila this year. What can I say, 'wow!'. And here I am sharing the fun photos.

Chateau, Annamanila, Jane, Sexymom, Noemi and I with the kids and my hubby at The Old Spaghetti House to celebrate the birthday of Sexymom. I just happened to dial Sexymom's number and then she invited us to come, gatecrashers we are:D

Here was the fun part, we got lost! Read the story here.

And then again, with more PMN moms at Burgoo, The Podium. I love this restaurant because the kids get to draw on their prepared-for-drawings table cloths; complete with crayons. And of course, the food! You should try the seafood salad, yummy.

Who were present? Sexymom, Noemi, Cookie, Rowena, Rachel (who travelled from a long, long far away Batangas - thanks, Rach for the thoughtful gifts for the kids), Feng, Lynn, and Teacherjulie.

And the kids were there, too -- Cookie's bubbly bundles and Rowena's very shy and clingy cuties, hehehe. MC got busy with Adi and Gaby while IC decided to stick with Papa. I think IC suddenly found it too much! Let me tell you, it was great meeting them. They were my blogging family, I would like to ask them to adopt me, ahahaha. We had a fun time exchanging stories, taking photos, and picking from and/or tasting each other's food, and sharing the box of chocolate that escaped my mom's notice :D I am really sorry I missed Megamom, Lady Cess, Mayi and Annalyn.

And yes, I would love to meet with them again -- with the kids, please! I hope then we could talk longer :D It is really refreshing to be laughing together, not simply giggling in front of the computer!


haze said...

Wow, girls just wanna have fun! Smells good food too ! Isn't it exciting to meet people from everywhere :D !

ScroochChronicles said...

Natakot siguro si IC kina Gaby at Adi :)

Mga giant kasi. But they really can't stop retelling their tales of the girl who wasn't talking at first but became their friend later on. Naku, hit na hit sa kanila si Ate Clea.

It was great meeting you and the family. Hope to do that again :D

Mixednuts said...

I have been out of touch. Sorry about that. Great pictures. Maybe next time I can join and meet all of you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I wish I had been there. Someday soon, I would want to meet fellow mommy bloggers too. It was just bad I wasn't able to meet you mommy kengks.

Anonymous said...


i'm glad you had fun here.

i feel soooooo sad i had to back out the last minute. hay sayang.
kelan ka ba babalik?

Analyse said...

sounds like a lot of fun! kakainngit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Raq,

Great to see the pics with your EB with PMN moms. I'm glad you were able to find time to meet our co-PMNs.

MeMeMe said...

That was real nice. Good for you Raq!


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

wow nice and enjoyable one....

thanks for sharing,raq,

hay ang sayang-saya nyo....

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

Hi Raq,
read your comment sa blog ko...kailan yon thursday nga gusto mo?
this coming May 1,holiday yon hindi ba?
pwede ito, kasi free din si bernie n kim, so we meet this day?

kung ibang thursday, work ako, tapos my pasok si bernie n kim, gusto ko kasama sila, para we meet with family.

saan sa Weinheim?......cgi tawag lang ako sa iyo, maybe bukas, monday, kasi Sunday ngayon, family tag.......

regards and have a wonderful Sunday.....

eager to meet you n family.....

Anonymous said...

I always find it a great experience meeting fellow mommies. Kain-kain lang, kwentuhan, masaya na. :)

raqgold said...

haze - right, it is really exciting to meet people from everywhere, esp those whose blogs you've been reading for a long time :D

cookie - naku, may utang nga ako kay MC kasi nga i promised here we would visit you for the muffin baking weekend e.. until now kinukulit nya ako.

mayi - would love to meet you next time!

mhel - di bale na, next time :D masarap makichika sa mga mommy bloggers!

lady cess - for sure, 2010, ang tagal! but we are dreaming of coming back this december, dream yan ha!

analyse - you should meet with the PMN moms next time, ako naman ang mainggit :D

KK - i really made time to meet with them :D

jeannie - it was fun!

vk - ok, mukhang this thursday would be raining again, kainis. sige, let's meet bringing the whole family. let's schedule it on a weekend or a holiday. i will wait for your call. mali talaga yata yung number na asa akin e :(

lynn - masaya talaga talking with fellow moms ;D