Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our Dive Solana Get-Away

Here is Dive Solana Resort, we stayed here for more than a week, after the Eagle Point visit, and yet the kids dont want to leave this paradise at all. As I said in my previous post, it's the first time that I heard them saying they dont want to go back home anymore. And you know what, I agree wholeheartedly. There's magic in this place.
The first sunset that we captured, taken in front of our beach front cottage.Our first glimpse of our beach front cottage, and we fell in love with it.
Traditional indigenous materials made up the whole resort, even the bathroom!

with their Ate Cha

Why MC want to stay in the Philippines, the companionship she found there

reunion with some relatives, Tyang Nita and Lottie who hail from Lipa City

My brother Arjay and Ate Cha

Beach front cottages

Favorite place

The meditation hut became a play house

Lunch time!

MC with Kuya Topher

Inside one of the hillside cottages

Up where the club house is, near the massage corner

the meditation hut

MC signing the guest book

We found a star fish on the shore, MC decided to bring it near the deep end

MC giving Nanay a manicure

Snack time, the first time that my husband discovered the taste of iced tea! He loves it.

Embroidered pillow cases

Buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I gained weight, why not :)

IC on the water bike with papa

MC's turn. They did saw a lot of interesting things underwater during these rides.

Look at the sunset!

IC got busy with the coloring books she found in the club house.

Another sunset shot.

MC loves her princess bed.

IC, too.

Snack time again!

At the club house.

collecting shells and stones

Although they cannot build sandcastles because the shore is not sandy, the kids found a way to build stone castles.

The Sombrero Island is the small island, and the island on the far left is where Sepoc Beach is.

Here I am


IC lounging

I love this photo

And this photo, too :D

The staff are real friendly

Taken before we go back to Manila

The whole family wanted to see the place again and again

I cant blame them, Dive Solana is really a great place for a vacation.


MeMeMe said...

beautiful. thank you for sharing!!! nice to see places like these back home.

your kids are soo lucky...

other things i enjoyed: the use of natural materials on the beds, pillows, huts, etc. pillowcase, capiz shells, mirror, etc etc

haze said...

Beautiful place, great views, native stuffs, happy people, magnificent photos ! JUST PERFECT ! I love the hammock !

raqgold said...

jeannie - you should visit this place when you come back to the philippines!

haze - i would love a hammock like that here, too!

and for both of you, that was really impressive the way they used those indigenous materials, make me prouder to be a pinay :D

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Raq. Kindly delete the earlier message. I'm afraid I had several windows open on my computer and I typed the wrong comment in your box. Sorry about that.

Thank you for sharing all these beautiful photos taken during your vacation. It's a great trip everyone would surely remember especially the girls.

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

nice .nice pics. looks like you all enjoyed your vacation!

raqgold said...

rach - as i said, they dont wanna leave the resort! and they promised to go back this christmas :D

hailey - we had fun :D