Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Didnt Realize Today is a Special Day

Actually, he sort of reminded me about it yesterday. He meaning, my husband.

He joked about it, saying 'do you know what tomorrow is?' And I immediately said, of course. Even though I dont really know what he's talking about in that second. It was after a few minutes of speaking with him about trivial matters that I realized he is taking about our engagement anniversary.

That means, it's been seven years after our engagement! I told myself last night that I would buy something for him. Well, since it is a Wednesday, always a busy day -- I have a playtime English and gymnastics at noontime -- I forgot all about it.

I was walking home with the kids after the gymnastics class when we saw him rounding the corner to our street. And he's holding something in his hands! Arrrgh. He's got flowers for me and I dont have anything for him!

We waited for him on the corner, the kids more excited, thinking the gift is for them. And when he came, he gave me a kiss, smiled; while MC grabbed the flower :D Papa told them the flower is for me; the girls wont accept that. They wanted me to share it to them, thinking it is a bunch of flower, I said yes.

Well at home, we found out it is an orchid pot! And a bunch of fresh asparagus for dinner. The girls were so disappointed, but I am happy. It simply tickles me how thoughtful my husband could be. You see, it is not me who remembers the special dates in our lives, but my husband. We even celebrate the date when we first met, that is, when he reminds me first :D

Tonight, he cooked dinner. And why asparagus? Asparagus was in our menu the night of our engagement at Hotel Krone in Grossachsen seven years ago. And as always, I tell him that I hated the taste of asparagus then; but now I love eating asparagus in any form.

Ok, I did have a gift for him. I cleaned the house, unusual for me esp on a busy a Wednesday. I did the tidying up in the kitchen. And maybe, another gift tonight :)


ScroochChronicles said...

That is soooooo sweet!! Happy Engagement Anniversary :D

I have to commend your husband for even remembering what you guys ate on your engagement date :)

feng said...

awwww, sweet naman ni Hubby. I wonder what's that gift of yours for "tonight". haha!

Happy happy Anniv sa inyo. stay in love forever! :)

julie said...

Your hubby is so sweet, Keng :) Happy anniversary to all your special dates, hehe!

JeannieTheDreamer said...

Oh, how sweet he is! you're blessed.


raqgold said...

cookie - thanks! grabe yan when it comes to dates and such details, minsan ako pa napapahiya e, haha

feng - salamat. the gift for that night is a freshly baked bread, ahahaha

julie - thanks. there are always special dates in his calendar. i cant keep up.

jeannie - am lucky, arent i? thanks!

Heart of Rachel said...

That's so sweet! I admire men who remembers special dates and remains thoughtful through the years.

raqgold said...

rach - yup, he's one of a kind :D thanks!

lovelyn said...

belated happy anniversary!

nauna pala kami ng dalawang araw at 3 taon. same here, he meaning my husband(hahaha, galing nung entra mo dun), remebers it too and I even lost count kung ilang taon na ba...signs yun ng good wives kasi pati pala ikaw!

raqgold said...

lovelyn, mabuti pala at hindi ako nagiisa :D