Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sex Education in Third Grade

I remember that we started sex education in the fifth grade and boys would be separated from girls during the class. And I dont really know if I learned something, because I would only remember us giggling during the class. I think I learned more about the reproductive system when I was in high school and that was because of the pocket books that I devoured.

Now I just learned that Germany's school system offers sex education in third grade. Isnt it too early to be giving the third graders a sex eduction class?

Here might be the answer. An acquaintance told this story.

During the sex education class of her little boy, he volunteered to the teacher that he knows for sure that his mom and dad have had sex twice only. Yep. Only two times. And he is sure of this because there were only two babies born: his sister and him!

I should be bracing myself :D Although MC have started asking about sex before her fifth birthday, read here.


ScroochChronicles said...

Hehehe...touchy subject. I remember having my Lola tutor me in basic biology when I was in 5th grade too. Syempre she couldn't be graphic so she used words like...take this...puchikuy and puchikay...HAHAHAHA :D

raqgold said...

cookie, i love that puchikuy and puchikay, hahah. although i call that down there 'pepeps' - hindi malayo di ba :D

feng said...

haha! hilarious little boy there! the Mom must have been in leaps of laughter and fear at the same time. :) don't know how am going to explain the same if ever my son asks.

for little boys, we call it pututuy.

haze said...

Kids are very advance nowadays so I guess we need to prepare and be caught unaware LOL !!!

I don't know how to explain but I will cross the bridge when I get there ;) !

Or I will check your post and tell them the same response HAHAHA ! Mangopya ba !

raqgold said...

feng - embarrassing nga daw sabi nung mom e :D

haze - sige, kopyahan tayo, hahaha

Heart of Rachel said...

I couldn't remember when exactly we had sex education in school but I must have been in Grade 6. I think there was a film showing about the sperm cells racing to the egg. :) But I distinctively remember watching an actual live birth on film. I think I was already in high school that time. It was shocking watching it and it made me so scared about giving birth.

Anyway, Sex Education in Third Grade seems a bit too early but perhaps it is due to the changing times. Kids nowadays mature early.

I have no idea what to say to Yohan if he starts asking me about such things. I guess maaga pa naman for me to worry. :)