Monday, April 7, 2008

Heavy, Not Heavy

PMN: Fam Pics this April features 'heavy'. I chose to share the photos taken during our vacation in the beach of Dive Solana in Anilao, Batangas; just to show you why IC and MC dont ever want to go back home to Germany :D
Take advantage of the most underrated tourist destinations in the Philippines. An ambiance that makes you forget that you are three hours away from Manila (by land). 200 meters of frontage to the sea you will have a space to call your own. 'Dive Solana'
The fishermen who doesnt need those fishing gear for those 'heavy' fish underwater; show
us their catches of the day -- in fact, they dive for these fish! They go around with their motorboats to sell these fish, the biggest and the heaviest, they are selling for 300 pesos only!

Of course, having fish for dinner is not heavy at all. Let me tell you, this plate is intended for my husband only!

The girl's favorite spot at Dive Solana is this bamboo swing. And when I am allowed to join them on the swing, they would always say 'Mama, you need to go, you are too heavy for the swing.'

Sometimes, MC would create a paper boat and let's it float in the water. Well, paper boats are not heavy, right? She loves seeing it swaying on the water but hates it when it became too soggy.

I had to rescue IC from the shore -- she said it hurts to walk barefoot. Well, she is sometimes too stubborn to wear those booties that are provided by the resort. And boy, is she heavy!

MC and IC love using and playing with this water dipper and pot which is located before going to the cottages. When asked if I should help them, MC said it is not heavy at all.

MC enjoys the piggy back ride from her cousin, Cha; I dont know if Cha enjoyed it because she said MC is heavier now!
We found this star fish stranded on the shore. MC wanted to bring it back into the deep alone because it is not heavy.


Anonymous said...

Raq, been to Solana twice. Amenities and food are great but the beach is not that great since it would be more fun for the children to build sandcastles.

Here are my Heavy entries:

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Anonymous said...

natawa naman ako sa sinabi ng mga anak mo, talagang in-emphasize pa na you're heavy for the swing hahaha!

the fish looks yummy!

raqgold said...

hi julie - we love dive solana despite nga na mabato, in fact the kids made stone castles instead of sand castles :D ang sarap ng food, maganda ang service, the rooms are very comfortable and as my kids said 'princess beds' - we plan to go back :D

lady cess - masarap talaga yung fish. my husband ate only fish during our batangas trip! oh yeah, my kids tend to push me away from the swing, mabigat daw ako, heheh

haze said...

Wohoooo! Nature is really kind, look at that clear blue sea! I miss the fishes in Pinas, mas masarap talaga at malasa! Can't really wait to go home. Pictures tell that you have had grandiose vacation! Miss ko na rin yang duyan :D !

BTW, for travellers post you may do it ! The pleasure is mine Raggold. I'll be happy to submit post to you for editing in the future.

ScroochChronicles said...

Buti na lang hindi si Gaby or si Adi ang sumama sa kanila dyan sa swing. Siguradong sasabihin ni Ate Clea at ni IC..."YOU'RE TOO HEAVY!!" :)

Very nice pics. Nakakainggit :)

feng said...

hahaha, this post is heavily loaded with your vaca photos! no doubt you really had a grand time during your Batangas beach pasyal.

LOLz on the Husband. aba eh, di naman sya masyadong gutom anoh? a whole grilled fish just for him is not heavy at all. :)

Anonymous said...

Solana and most resorts in San Juan, Mabini Batangas are really for diving. If you love snorkeling and actually going into the water to swim, then this would be perfect. If you are a lounge-around-on-the-beach type of person, then Nasugbu or Calatagan is better.
I love those blue starfishes which abound in Batangas Bay. Mababaw lang diyan sa Solana marami ka nang makikita snorkeling eh. I saw a few morays before (black and yellow - ang ganda!)
Anyway, hardly had time to pay attention to what's heavy and what's not, but am glad it looks like you enjoyed your Phil. vacation!

raqgold said...

haze - masarap talaga mag ikot ikot sa pinas, you would find hidden paradises - may S yan ha :D at sempre, love the seafood! thanks for the permission, will look forward to your other articles!

cookie - ahahah, you made me laugh. am sure sa excitement nilang maglaro hindi na nila mapapansin yon :D

feng - ayaw na nga bumalik ng germany nitong mga kids ko e. they fell in love sa batangas. and my husband devoured the sea food!

megamom - my kids saw nemo (clown fishes) and of course, the lila jelly fish and the star fish -- everyday is a day of discovery for them. we lounge but we always want to stay wet ;D so okay na sa amin ang solana!

Lena said...

wow...mukhang nice place..hehehe...haven't been to anilao but i love Nasugbu!!!

raqgold said...

hi malen - been to nasugbu din, i love the beaches dun :D

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Raq. Those are wonderful photos taken during your trip. I love the photo of you with the girls on the bamboo swing.

I've been to Nasugbu several times but I haven't been to Dive Solana. Looks like a nice place. That fish looks delicious especially since it's a fresh catch.

How nice of MC to bring back the star fish to the sea.

Heart of Rachel said...

BTW, I wasn't able to join PMN Fam Pic but I'd like to share some photos taken on our recent visit in Subic.

raqgold said...

rach, you should go with your family to solana, this is really a great resort.

Ami Dasig Salazar said...

I really miss the beaches. Especially now that it's summertime here in Pinas. Great pics