Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April Kids' Day at Miramar Indoor Resort

Uh-oh, the five weeks we spent in warm Asia is not enough to temper my girl's love of the water; in fact, it was bolstered more by the memories of those warm days in the sea. Such that in our April kids' day, we ended up driving 15 mins to Miramar Kur und Freizeitbad (spa and indoor resort).

I didnt know what I was expecting but I found out it was a huge complex. I cant really count how many swimming pools they have -- they have indoor and outdoor pools. One of the huge indoor pools with artificial waves every half hour; though you could also relax on the jacuzzis scattered around the place. There is four big sauna corners, but we skipped that.

On the ground, a brine basin with 34°C warm water is a pleasant surprise. The salt & crystal hot spring Miramar is also an astonishing sight to enjoy and to indulge. There are salt lamps to relax you and the marble, jewels and salt blocks create a noble ambience. I enjoyed Miramar because it is a mixture of fun for both adults and kids.

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