Tuesday, April 15, 2008

March Kids' Day in the Philippines

A few times that we were not at home, meaning in Germany, to celebrate the first Sunday of the month's Kids' Day. In fact, it would be the first Kids' Day spent with their grandparents on my side.

This March, we were in the middle of our vacation in the Philippines. And since it was only our second day at the Eagle Point Resort in Anilao, Batangas -- there was no doubt in our mind that all activities for this Kids' Day would be done around the beach resort. After all, we drove for more two hours to reach this resort and I am sure the kids dont want to be riding on anything after that ride, me too :D

Knowing that it is Kids' Day, the kids listed down what they wanted to do: have breakfast, swim, swim, swim, lunch, swim, swim, swim, dinner and then some late night playtime in our hotel room. Who wouldnt agree to such a wonderful list?

That we did and more. MC who usually needs floaters in the water decided to let go of those floaters and try to swim without them. Well, after a few tries, she was swimming! Which made IC determined to learn how to swim without using those floaters, too. Well, she's got the will but her legs just wont bend to the proper swimmming movements; she gave up but not after a few scary moments, on my side, at least! But she conquered her fear of the deepest ends, with her floaters on, IC swims to both ends of the pool.
As for MC, in the late afternoon, she was already going up and down the water slides more than a dozen times. A fascinating thing to see since she hates messing her hair coz of the slide, hahaha. Well, I took care of the dry side of the Kids' Day: arranging the breakfast, lunch and dinner side; and how did I ever wonder that I gained a lot during our vacation. Papa's fingers were like raisins during dinner as he was mostly in the water with the kids :D

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