Monday, April 28, 2008

Dinner at Seven

I cant believe we did it. We attended a dinner party at 7 pm!

Normally, when we get invites, we request friends to make dinner a little earlier so that the kids would not be so irritable on the table. In fact, everytime we invite people for dinner, we set the time between 5-6 pm.

And then came Petra's invite. She said dinner would be at 7 pm. My husband was the one who accepted the invite, although he's a bit sceptical about it, 'I dont know if we should go. Dinner is at 7 pm. It would be too late for the kids.'

I simply shrugged my shoulders even though I wanted to say, 'It wont be a problem.' Well, it would be a 45 minutes drive to Petra's place, but I would say the kids could take a short nap; if they wanted to; and that would be that.

And I really wanted to go. We dont really socialize much, because there would be nobody to babysit the kids; thus when invites like this comes, I want to grab the chance to be in another place other than at home; and to talk with real persons rather than tinkering on the computer keyboards; and of course, I wont be doing the cooking :D

It was a Saturday. My husband worked in the garden. The kids played outside. IC rode the bike for the first time, and I tried on my inline skates for the first time, too! And MC, she even got a friend over to play. We should have been tired; well, my husband is tired; but the kids and I, we are ready for the party!

So, we drove at 6 pm and got there without any hitches. The kids were up and about although a bit shy. They clung to us, yeah, maybe they are already a bit tired -- but they ate with the group of kids and they got busy after a while. And dinner was great!

On our way home, the kids slept. See, I did tell my husband that it wont be a problem, right?


Heart of Rachel said...

I'm glad you had a lovely dinner with friends.

raqgold said...

rach, it is lovely having dinner with friends :D esp if you dont do this regularly.

haze said...

It's always nice to have dinner with friends and I guess your kids enjoyed the night too!

raqgold said...

raqgold - this is a once in a few months event, kaya i always want to go.